• Organic Matter 35 % w/w Fulvic Acids Nitrogen (N) 32 % w/w Nitrogen (N) 1.7 % w/w Phosphorous (P2O5) 0.6 % w/w Potassium (K2O) 5 % w/w Calcium (CaO) 0.9 % w/w


  • liquid

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VELLHUMUS is an excellent organic matter of vegetal origin with a high content of humic extract and fulvic acids.

The application of VELLHUMUS thanks to its high content in organic confers the following advantages and properties:

  • It increases the solubilization of immobile nutrients in the soil.
  • It facilitates a better structure in the soil, form aggregates, confer porosity, increase the cation-exchange capacity (CEC), and increase the retention of water and nutrients.
  • It generates a favorable condition on the soil to promote the growth of the root system and the development of beneficial microorganisms.
    Thanks to the solubilization of immobile nutrients, the increase in the cation exchange

Recommendations for use:
Used in all agricultural crops.
Dose (fertigation): 10-15 l/ha