• Free Aminoacids 5% Calcium Oxide (CaO) 14%


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VELLAMIN CA is a product composed of amino acids and calcium, with a preventative and enhancing effect in cases of calcium deficiency. It should be applied especially in the phases of strong growth and development of the plant. It is absorbed and delivered to the parts of the plants with the greatest activity and where a high supply of nutrients is required.

Vellamin Ca has a strong effect on the transport and regular supply of mineral salts and other elements available in the soil. Amino acids contribute to the absorption of calcium through leaves and roots. When applied through foliar spraying, it has an additional effect of protection against external agents.

Calcium is essential for the balanced development of the root system and foliar, especially buds and growth points. Crops with an especially high requirement of Calcium: cotton, cereal, eggplants, cherry, cabbage, cauliflower, rape, sunflower, lettuce, apple, melon, olive, potato, cucumber, pear, pepper, pineapple, citrus, oak tobacco, vine.

Calcium is considered an essential element for the fertility of agricultural soil.

Foliar feeding:
Dosage: 150-300 ml per 100 liters of water, which can be increased to 500 ml per 100 liters of water if necessary. It is recommended to spray 3 times per season, up to 6 l/ha.
In apple varieties sensitive to calcium deficiency, the amount of spraying can be increased to 5, two, twenty, and forty days before flowering, and three, twenty, forty and sixty days after flowering, for a total of 3 to 10 l/ha.
In vegetable crops, it should be used throughout the entire production cycle.

cucurbits, dose: 4 l/ha
Strawberry, pepper, tomato dose: 2 to 3 l/ha
Fruit trees dose: 5 to 8 l/ha
Vine, dose: 4 to 6 l/ha