Naturamin WSP

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Free amino-acids……………………. 80,0 % w/w

Total Nitrogen (N)…………………… 12,8 % w/w

Naturamin-WSP stimulates plants during their active growth phase and particularly in situations that may adversely affect their development, such as: root asphyxia, drought, hail, phytotoxicity caused by pesticides, etc. Crops react well to treatment with Naturamin-WSP when it is applied by means of leaf spraying or in irrigation water.

All living beings require L-Amino acids as the basic structural units for the formation of proteins, enzymes and the starting material for the synthesis of other essential substances. Up until a years ago the only way of encouraging the formation of amino acids in plants was indirectly and through the root system only: by adding inorganic nitrogen-containing fertilizers. Nitrogen is dissolved in the soil and is then absorbed by the roots and converted into amino acids. This process means that the plant has to use up a very large amount of energy which it could devote to other biological processes. Today it has been demonstrated that the use of amino acid solutions applied to the soil or to plant leaves has a very positive effect on crop nutrition as it is a way of providing plants with one of the fundamental links for the formation of biological macromolecules, without having to go through the intermediate steps for syntesis.


Olives trees, vines, climbing grapevines, banana trees, citrus trees, fruit trees, ornamental and horticultural plants:

  • Leaves: 3-5 treatments of 50-100 g/Hl, during the cycle
  • Soil treatment: 3-5 KG/Ha. In 2-3 applications

– Maize, cotton, beetroot: o Leaves: 2-3 treatments of 50-80 g/Hl. During the cycle

  • Soil treatment: 3-5 Kg/Ha. In 3-4 applications

– Alfalfa o Leaves: After 2nd cutting, 50-80g/Hl.

  • Soil treatment: After 2nd cutting 1.5 Kg/Ha in 2-3 applications

– Wheat, barley

  • 2-3 treatments of 0.5-1Kg/ha. Throughout the cycle.

– Almonds, hazelnuts and other non-irrigated fruit trees:

  • Spray three times, applying 50-100 g/Hl, during budding, formation and growth.
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