Amino 80


  • Free Amino Acids 80,0 % w/w Total nitrogen (N) 11,6 % w/w Organic Nitrogen (N) 10,4 % w/w Nitrogen (N) ammoniacal 1,2% w/w Organic carbon (C) 56,8 % w/w C/N ratio 5,46


  • Microgranules

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Amino80 is an organic fertilizer of vegetable origin with a high content of Free Amino Acids (80%). It acts as an activator of physiology and hormonal processes. It stimulates the chlorophyllin function of the plant and accelerates the vegetative development of crops.

It favors and activates the assimilation of trace elements and reinforces the action of fungicides and insecticides. In addition, it is a source of organic nitrogen. It is especially recommended before and during budding because it favors and advances the development of the crop, increasing the vigor of the plants and improving their resistance to diseases.

It is also recommended to promote the development of the crop in the early stages (young or newly transplanted plants), in the critical stages of the crop, and to cope with stressful situations. Recommended for all types of crops.

Amino 80 exerts its osmoprotective action at any stage of the crop cycle. Amino80 can be used in all types of crops by foliar application.

– Citrus: 150-250 g/HL at 75% and 100% of fallen petals.
– Fruit trees (cherry, peach, fig tree, etc.): 300-500 g/HL in the change of color of the fruits.
– Fruit horticultural: 2-4 kg/Ha in the flowering of each floor.
– Leaf horticultural: 2-4 kg/Ha after transplantation and mid-cycle.
– Olive tree: 300-500 g/Hl at the beginning of flowering and in the veraison of fruits.
– Meadows and meadows: 3-5 kg/Ha after harvesting.
– Vine: 2-4 kg/Ha at the end of flowering, during the closure of bunches, and before harvest.
– Turf: 2-6 kg/Ha (2-3 applications) for C3-C4 species


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